Library Systems and Automation

Introduces fundamental concepts of computer systems automation in libraries and information centers. This course covers the historical context of applying computing systems to libraries, addresses the technologies behind integrated library systems, and surveys an array of topics related to management of automated computer systems.

The State of Open Source in the Integrated Library Systems Market

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Commercial, closed source solutions dominate the Integrated Library System (ILS) market, with open source (OS) ILSs serving less than three percent of the total (Breeding, 2007b; Public Libraries in United States). There may be a natural affinity between the mission of libraries and the principles of OS: Dorman identifies “commitment to cooperation, open standards, and common communication protocols” as values shared by libraries and the OS community (2004). Many libraries have used examples of open source (OS) software for years, in the form of operating systems and server applications (like Linux and Apache), or the popular Firefox web browser. OS ILSs, though, have been slow to make inroads to the library market but there are indications that the OS model’s share of the market is growing.

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