Designing a Database to Track Inventory and Purchase Data for a Library

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The Oconee County Libraries (OCL) has to keep track of information on over 100 pieces of electronics (computers, monitors, printers, etc.)  Currently, a combination of Excel spreadsheets and an online tool from are used to record inventory information.  The result is an unwieldy system that is time consuming to keep updated.  The goal of this project is to create a database to record essential inventory data for both branches.  It is hoped that, if the system performs well, it may one day be expanded to cover the other libraries in the Athens Regional Library System (ARLS).  Most frequently, the system will be used to record or update the location and relation (e.g., which monitor is hooked up to which computer) of pieces of equipment.  In its current incarnation, the database will only be accessed by the author (OCL’s sole IT staffer), but in part that will entail translating requests from the Library’s Manager and Regional Business Office staff into database queries.

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